project partners

The Deutsche Gesellschaft was the first registered association in the reunited Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  On 13th January 1990 the Deutsche Gesellschaft was founded by people of the public life of Eastern and Western Germany. At the time, the primary objective was to overcome the division of the country and to encourage a society without preconceptions. Those basic principles are still binding to the association, and it is therefore committed to organize more than 700 events each year in the field of politics, culture, society, and the EU. The Deutsche Gesellschaft campaigns in over 20 different countries for democratic standards and international relations of civil societies. By doing so, the Deutsche Gesellschaft is one of the most active non-profit organisations in Germany.
With its various forums, debates, seminars, field trips, conferences, readings, exhibitions and exchange programmes, the Deutsche Gesellschaft provides interested citizens with the opportunity to join open discussions about ongoing socio-political matters.


Founded in 1994, the IJC was one of the first independent media- related NGOs. The IJC operates above party lines and as a charitable and non-profit institution. Therefore, the IJC contributes significantly to the facilitation and consolidation of an independent media scene, supporting young journalists both in the capital of Chrisinau and in more remote areas across the country. Core activities cover a wide field of different educational programmes, including workshops, skill enhancement trainings, and lobby campaigns for the facilitation of a free and independent press. The IJC also supports the “Chrisinau School of Advanced Journalism”, an accredited advanced training facility, which has already trained more than 100 young journalists for their daily work.
The IJC is a member of both the organisation “South East European Network for the Professionalization of the Media” and the “International Freedom of Expression Exchange”. Being a member of these organisations helps the IJC expandits own network concerning cooperation with other EU partners, improve the cross-border exchange between journalists of various countries and strengthen European neighbourhood policies in general.
The IJC’s professional team supports the director of the “Chrisinau School for Advanced Journalism” and is funded through project-based financial support.