Urs Unkauf studied history and sociology with a focus on contemporary international affairs at the Universitiy of Tübingen, Aix-en-Provence/Marseille and at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Academic exchanges brought him to Israel, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. In addition to journalism, he gained professional experience in political consulting with a focus on international economic relations.  His journalistic focus is on international relations, diplomacy as well as the history and present of Jewish life in Europe and the world. He publishes regularly in the Jüdische Rundschau, WeltTrends - Zeitschrift für internationale Politik, Ostexperte.de and Russlandkontrovers.com.



The caverns of Cricova are an international tourist attraction and symbolise the country’s most important economic sector: The production and marketing of wine. ©Urs Unkauf

Moldova’s Future between European Integration and a Gate towards Russia

Russia or Europe? East or West? Or both? And if so, to what extent? These questions still continue to divide the Republic of Moldova today. Insights into a country, which receives little attention in the West, and its perspectives.